Building a Better Brand Block By Block

Advocacy Spurs Profitability

Companies that achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction

 are significantly more profitable than those that do not. 

Drive Customer Engagement and Increase Frequency of Visits


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Digital Media Stage

Footprint customer focal points and capture

attention through light / motion technology:

  • Use the latest digital technologies to

     promote your products. 

  • Capture eyes and minds through in-store

     graphics and brand imagery.  

  • Provide menu driven board strategy that

     leverages the customer proposition that:

          Shortens customer decision making

          Speeds associates service times

  • Team with your marketing department to

     train each location leadership to customize

     their own digital media. 

Driving Customer Engagement

Utilize precise customer target definition to design and promote the best customer's experience and expectations:

  •  This can only be accomplished if you can

      correctly answer the following questions:

         What makes your brand powerful?

         What percentage of customers advocate          for your brand?

         What is needed to make your brand more

         powerful and have most customers

         become advocates? 

  • Use non-traditional media strategies that

     contribute to getting the Whole Brand

     Concept right.    


Targeted Brand Theming

View your business as a Retail Theater by:

  • Use ongoing customer research to focus

     on the core brand competency.

  • Ensure customer mind appeal and interest

     by providing eye catching staging.  

  • Promote product benefits through various

     eye catching exposure in retail locations.

  • Enhance your locations to ensure quick

     customer decisions and pleasant but efficient

      environment for sales.